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"Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up." -Lydia as Norma Desmond at the end of Sunset Boulevard.

Big honkin' slice of 6-layer carrot cake w/cream cheese icing for lunch makes a bad day better.

Somebody must've gotten brand new boots. That's the only explanation I can come up with for these in mid-August.

Lydia loves to sleep like this. It's esp sweet bec that's the pillow Piper loved to sleep on.

Nothing tops off a late night treat like a little bit o'nip.

. She was a W.A.C., you thimbleheads, a W.A.C. Oh my god. #EpicCaptioningFail

Mid-July & this is such a treat. Drove home w/AC off & windows down. Won't last but loving it while we've got it!

Tonight's super moon seen thru my BR window. (Yellow pointilism effect from my phone's auto-fix. Odd/neat.)

Gyro pizza - GENIUS. This was the smallest size they had & I still couldn't finish it but OMG om nom nom nom & I WILL try it again!

There's a bug behind a cat toy in that corner. Lydia's on it. Like literally on it.

Creeping...creeping...hissy fit in 3...2...

Did somebody's sister give them a car? Or is there more to it?

Best bumper sticker I've seen in quite a while. 8)

The two on either side are red lights at an intersection. The one in the middle? That's the moon. Wish last night had been so clear!

(Almost) Still Life with Catnip

Cat yoga - a pose to mellow out after catnip.

Nice one, Mother Nature.

I'll take "Things That Should've Been Wonderful But Turned Out So Disappointing" for $500, please, Alex.

Who the hell pulls up to a drive-thru and orders his fish "well done"?? O.o

This happened in my little corner of heaven today today. Yay for games on my phone!