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If this doesn't fire you up to train hard...I dunno what will!

Saw this earlier...I think it's a sign (u see what i did there), lol let the countdown begin! cc:

Whenever gets whatever she wants in meetings (aka every meeting) I'm not sure y I'm still surprised lol

Random, but cruising thru Hollywood & just spotted hiding in the bushes


I wonder how many #WalkingDead fans out there know it was a comic book series b4 it was a TVshow

Try this!

"We have an obligation to the abilities we DO have, not the disability." -Jim Abbott

My eyes must be playing tricks on me...ESPN is running promos hyping up a #Duke vs...err..uhh #MIAMI game in March?

Exercising my 2nd Amendment rights. (photo by Greg Hadel)


How some photographers can take a fugly scrub like me & create a cool image out of it still blows my mind. #MadSkills

A wise man once said ->

❒ NO

Seriously guys,BIG THANKS 2 everyone who helped out & retweeted this.Your efforts are definitely going 2 a good cause

Dont even worry about it fam,this is just part of life.All u can do is stay focused & keep grindin. #ConfirmationBias

Ok now this is awkward... #Villanova #Marquette

Pissed Ashy Ho Colonels. I could eat these things all day.

This place is a madhouse. #OscarWeekend

"RT Trying to look like I'm doing something important without really doing anything at all..." aka this?-->