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A designer who illustrates, an illustrator who directs and a director who writes. Member of Airside, creator of #the50 — the-50.org

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Whilst not strictly cakey, here's living up to her name.

AND ANOTHER THING! Someone NEEDS to move this poster on, even a little — its been on the streets since the early 90s:

Someone just sent me this picture. They found this creature in their washing machine. What the hell is this thing?

Long Barcode is long:

Fluff?! London Honeycomb! Devil's Breath? Port-flavoured-Jelly! These guys!:

...And folk ask me why I ride a postal-bike.

I've shrunk.

Who wants some Airside #swag?

An interesting idea, carbon balanced paper, complete with icons to indicate the resources saved with each project:

"They don't do illustrations like this anymore." (George Hardie mural spotted in Covent Garden - lovely):

Behold! A toupee catalogue, who knew these existed?

The view from my right eye:

I'm now sitting in a Homebase deckchair in Homebase. (It's been a tough day - for reasons longer than 140 characters.)

Where am I again, it's not very clear... #dandad2011


Daylseford restaurant in Westbourne Grove is a great idea: a distant farm's satellite food-as-lifestyle store in London:

I didn't see any protesters, but I did see London's last sewer powered streetlamp down Carting Lane. Methane-eco-tastic:

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