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My seat.. #kylebusch

Watching the race from pit row..

Pulled into the Galleria in Birmingham and see all of our buses on the parking lot. #hailstate #grindin

On the way to Birmingham/Halladega... can't wait to see my precious baby Claire!

Never fails. Somethin always breaks. But this.. #brokenglasstable #GOTTAgetitfixed

Watching drink his 2nd cup of coffee ever & listening to listen to his normal Alanis Morissette

look at Oscars new trick... #sushi #waterchangedwrong #byebyefishy

how I see Jeremy for the first time after a couple months.. the cute couple in their tree..

our tent wont be fun at the golf tournament tmr is the thing.. #450jelloshots #whooooops

probably wont have a fun tent at the golf tournament tmr.. #450jelloshots #mimosas #whoooops

About to lose them on purpose until I find mine. #whatsyoursismine #&whatsmineismine

.. & ill probably text u about how long it stays on all week like u do me #lipsfordays

Hashtag theres a cowboy right there, get on it

How do I have this much stuff for one night? #whatcomeswithbeingagirl

Grown to be my new favorite tshirt... Thanks

someone is enjoying your snack.. #milanos #allgone

You left something behind .. At least youre not hiding them under ur pillow like u used to in the dorm

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