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Finally have the time to sit down and look through this book. ^^

곰주님! 상품 다 받았어요!! 고마워요!!! 이쁘다.. 티셔츠 너무 좋아요! ㅋ ^^* ♥

잘생겼다!! ㅋ

Eddie and Bernard being kids playing at the arcade. LOL

토마스 너무 많이다. 헤헤~

ㅋㅋㅋ 애기 귀엽당!!!


Did you saw this? ^^

Lesley's 21st Birthday! ^^

11.11 ❤

calendar 와 slogan 도착했어요!!! 고맙습니다 마스터님! ^^

마스터님! Calendar 도착했어요!!! 정말 고마워요!! 예뻐요! ^^

Disco at my house. LOL

My cutie cousins! ^^

My family's freestyle reunion dinner. ^^


ㅋㅋ 고마워 엄마! ^^

I WANT THIS!!!!!! ^^

moo is short wait show you this pic

Punished for being super annoying and naughty and shouting loudly outside the hallway! Tsktsk... HAHA!