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Software Engineer @ Grooveshark. Laser (Tag) Specialist and Social API Hacker. Inventing the 25th hour.

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. got me this amazing plate for dinner for my bday!

After a sleepless night of vodka Red Bulls, the only thing keeping me me alive at work... #addict

Easily my best gaming purchase ever.

Luckily I didn't have any other dishes left. Need a better drying solution. Any tips?

The night began with with a full box and now the last one... What will I do?

Too much email problems. #android


you're here in spirit...

My battery level is low. Luckily has got my back.

Super descriptive sign.

same on Android btw

Nothing better than being at a conference and seeing yourself and on the screen...

What does this button do?

Hot dog flavored potato chips? #wtf

I bet you that "Automated Teller Machine" confuses people.

Late night food

Time to change the proportions of my 2 home Internet connections...

Foursquare suggests that I go to Lowe's on Sunday night...

Why is negative colors even an option #android #s3