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Wordclown for hire. Filthy nightmare peddler. Overlord and writer-in-chief of @casualviolence. New show HOUSE OF NOSTRIL coming to @sohotheatre in January.

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I'm playing Game Dev Story. I made an offensive airplane simulator on it. My staff are soulless corporate arseholes.

In rehearsal with . Here's a pair of pricks.

Just saw the brill . My stag was more like a pirate, I snatched a pancake, & here's as a wizard.

I was given this pen by yesterday. No idea why.

All my MA work, bound and ready like BDSM. It's not my magnum opus. It's not a magnum caramel. But it's done.

It’s incredibly depressing that this exists. “Let’s cross classic literature women like… WITH FIFTY SHADES OF GREY”

Bought the Murakami book today. Added it to my “to read” pile here. Loads of exciting books to get through!

After the initial confusion and some debate, we reached an agreement over which of us would have my room tonight.

At my parents’ house for a couple of nights. Appears my old room has been sublet in my absence. I want my bed back!

HAHAHAHAHA THIS EXISTS. I’m going to take .

Been making notes for my play but didn’t have my notebook with me - so I had to go a little psycho #amwriting

The opening stage directions and the description of Krapp at the start of Krapp’s Last Tape are wonderful.

Seven rubbish bags. We’re not even done yet. And that excludes the two in the kitchen. #edfringe #casualviolencecleanup

This one’s a surprise.

It’s 4am and I think of you - see enclosed.

Remember this?

…but when we walked back past it an hour later, we were met with this sorry sight! :-(

Saw this amazing thing the other day - an inflatable version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream in a shop window…