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Fridtof Nansen (1861-1930) Norwegian Explorer/scientist -- or model for this month's Italian Vogue. Can't decide.

  • 1003 days ago via site
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For a woman of her advanced years Stevie Nicks looks great.

  • 1003 days ago via site
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Well what if it’s this guy?

  • 1007 days ago via site
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-- I can see from your smile that you do. You minx.

  • 1008 days ago via site
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Ah, my Duchess of Alba, so you’ve found love in the arms of another. Still I hope --

  • 1008 days ago via site
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Spent the morning with this guy, jazz glockenspiel legend Pinky Delveccio. We both love Hummels. Who knew?

  • 1010 days ago via site
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God, mustache is driving me nuts. Can't wait to shave it. Two weeks. Right after 1970s party I'm growing it for.

  • 1015 days ago via site
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I think the pic of the Supergirl cosplayer didn't open.

  • 1028 days ago via site
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And if this photo isn't staged, then this girl is goddess.

  • 1028 days ago via site
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Don't normally care about this sort of thing -- but this could be the most perfect Supergirl cosplayer ever.

  • 1028 days ago via site
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And this is the last time I agree to take my aunt Ethel to get her groceries without vetting her wardrobe first.

  • 1036 days ago via site
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This is why Jann often refers to me as a big, drunk Tintin.

  • 1036 days ago via site
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This is how Rex and I spent the morning. How was your day?

  • 1036 days ago via site
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It's official -- Alyssa Milano is about to give birth to Danny Devito. Or Hunk Hogan. Maybe all of Luxembourg.

  • 1043 days ago via site
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After getting Bagpuss tattooed on my ass, I'm the last one to criticize people's choices, but Pete Burns WTF!

  • 1070 days ago via site
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I know he's Armani and all, and that should give him a pass and all, but this is still just wrong.

  • 1078 days ago via site
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Someone who saw this and thought, "I'll re-invent it by tilting it the other way."

  • 1177 days ago via site
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Gotta say though, I love his gleeful face as is fat fingers press down on our hero's imminent demise.

  • 1181 days ago via site
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How about Lord Lazee who apparently you can freeze the fuck out of and he still won't budge?

  • 1181 days ago via site
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Making glasses cool years before people decided to make glasses cool.

  • 1184 days ago via site
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