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Cannot wait!

  • 1687 days ago via site
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Me and New York Burlesque producer Jonny Porkpie as Toy Story figures.

  • 1689 days ago via site
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Wow, just found this picture on line from a couple of years ago. My nephew Matthew meeting Prince Harry.

  • 1689 days ago via site
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Saw this ad on website. Note sure how social worker and weird alien/demon baby relate to each other.

  • 1691 days ago via site
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Oh and here's the decode for that prior Twitter (Fake TXT I think.) Possibly the dirtiest thing I've ever tweeted.

  • 1693 days ago via site
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Oh and in case you were wondering, this is an exampled of a page of Micheluzzi's Petra Cherie.

  • 1698 days ago via site
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Am I nuts or does this look like me (a bit younger) with a mustache and beard?

  • 1699 days ago via site
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I'll be done with latest issue of Earth 2 today. My reward will be ripping the plastic wrap off this big bastard.

  • 1708 days ago via site
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-- This many high-end Doc Savage PBs all $5 and $6 bucks each. A pleasant surprise end to a great day.

  • 1708 days ago via site
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I sincerely love seeing examples of where love is blind.

  • 1710 days ago via site
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ME: Hey squirrel what you doing?
SQUIRREL: Just chillin'. May get baked n'play some Xbox later.

  • 1710 days ago via site
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Nothing to Twitter today so here's pic of instead Lovecraftian Elder God's conception.

  • 1710 days ago via site
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DOG/REX: Hello, hello, hello papa. I'm happy boy.
CAT/SAM: I am planning your death, dog. I despise you!

  • 1729 days ago via site
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It seems I'm in error. Here are the Female Furies brought to life via cosplay. What a delightful group of ladies.

  • 1730 days ago via site
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Me with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos after his Ancient Aliens lecture. Really enjoyed the evening.

  • 1730 days ago via site
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DORIS: It's called the missionary position, Rock. Everyone does it.
ROCK: Don't be ridiculous. Never heard of it.

  • 1735 days ago via site
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Wow. When I dropped Aunt Ethel off to protest closing local Krispy Kreme I thought she'd just start a petition.

  • 1741 days ago via site
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-- be Bryan Cranston. I can’t argue.

  • 1750 days ago via site
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Oh, and everyone seen this yeah? It was on the DC Blog. 's variant cover --

  • 1751 days ago via site
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Found one more Vegas pic. Me and noted Boylesque sensation Tigger. Note in this pic too I have drink in hand.

  • 1751 days ago via site
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