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I'll admit it's kind of nice to see a boxscore with these ERAs next to the relievers.

A tale of two Blue Jays fans.

Oh it's #weirdbaseball time? And to think I was going to eat ice cream for prospect love lost therapy.

Looks like that fake Buster account got nixed quick. Why do some other fake accounts last forever?

My coworker just requested some IT support from the bathroom.

Looking at the Reds' pitcher's ERA in this boxscore and sighing wistfully.

Total aside, I got something in the mail today with your name on it. JaysCare update mailing.

You and with exact same tweet back to back

My traffic app says its pretty brutal. Red means bumper to bumper, orange means stop and go

I'm at the beach!

Shi and Buck are assessing the blonde's funky boots.

You think I'm not ready for this weekend? #BlueJays

This is what "City View" room at SkyDome hotel gets you.


Pretty sure I don't need these today.

Conveniently got in line right at the stairs so I have a nice seat for 45 minutes.


An interesting attempt at a smooch from

Cool 56MPH Eephus

Timeline love