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anyone want to share a pic of their workspace? relevant to my talk! I’ll include a few pics on Thursday…

just dropped this in for my talk next Thursday…

good one.

hmm, can you do RGB off a 5 pin?

PSP emulation on the is fantastic!

that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks. Just smashed a 99% on Take On Me, first go in years!

we had an 8 player Mario Kart DD tournament at the Blackburn Retro Gaming Night over the weekend.

needs more cowbell

funny, the Wiki page I’m looking at says stylesheet language!

is this offer still good? :D

is this offer still good? :D

Is that issue 01? i’m in that!

I have the board for my cabinet

just got the 152MB bump from . oh yes.

looking at tracking down South Korean Mega Drive units. About 5x of the same one.

I made a pulse line Everdrive label when I first got mine. Never printed it!

I’m just waiting for my friend to drop these off… Sony PVM20M2MDE

60º what, ? You need to quantify what scale you’re using… since the nearly all the world use ºC

interesting. was just looking at an old desktop pic yesterday!