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I currently have a Hongki Signed The Mood album and looking for a Jaejin signed one. Anyone who wants to trade?

Looks like Juniel will be helping Jaejin for Fashion Killa's Episode 5! Let's look forward to it! ^^

[pic] FTISLAND FB Page update: Best scene for Jaejin in the new album, The Mood!

THANKS TO teaser image

[TEASER] 091213 fncent.com Teaser Homepage

[INFO] The title song will be Memory by Lee Hongki (via: Colourful247)

[INFO] Cover for FTISLAND's Special Album "Thanks To" which will be released on the 23 of September.

BECAUSE OUR LEE JAEJIN IS ON INSTAGRAM!!!! Go follow him now!! WEEEE~~~ :) --> saico0111

It will also be a post-celebration of Seunghyun's birthday. See you there! :)

Happy 6th Year Anniversary to our 5 Treasures!! ❤ Jaejin #ST6YwithFTISLAND

RT : [PIC] Jaejin with "High School Musical" casts. (Cr. as tagged) http://t.co/nUwz7a14SL

[PIC] 031913 FTISLAND Weibo update:

[PIC] 011812 Jaejin @ FTISLAND's Weibo Update:

[PIC] 011813 FTISLAND Weibo update:

We had driving Jin and Scary Jin yesterday and today. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Merry Christmas Pris!! Have a happy day with your family and friends. ^^ Enjoy! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ (pic credit to owner)

[PIC] 122412 Jaejin with his older sister, Lee Chaewon (cr: loezve22)

Now, our Lee Jaejin is sleepy. Let us dream of Jaejin tonight ^^ Good night :)) #BaboJaejinDay

And without all your tweets, it will not trend world wide. Thank you Pris!! #BaboJaejinDay

But then, they will always look charismatic in our eyes :)) #BaboJaejinDay