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Bartendress in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. Sarcastic realist, advocate of spandex and short shorts, wine junkie, purveyor of palatable pleasures.

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Behind the stick tonight . Prince night! Raspberry Beret: Plymouth gin, lemon, Cocchi Americano, raspberry Lambic.

Okay fellow beer drinkers. . . 10 Barrel Apocolypse IPA and this is what it looks like. What in the eff is wrong with it?

At Safeway, you can literally eat a bag of dicks. Well, that's what they look like to me, anyhow. #eatabagofdicks

In celebration of Linda Ronstadt's birthday I'm getting some hot fuchsia claws while wearing Flashdance attire. Cocktail ideas?

Yes, I am bringing Champagne, chocolate, and massage oil in a Red Stripe bucket to the baby shower. #dontjudgeme

Yet to be named: Yellow Chartreuse, Cointreau, Small's gin, muddled celery, lemon, and cilantro. #fuckingdelicious

Sometimes my job is alright. sippin' on Copacetic IPA.

The Smokestack: , Laphroaig 10, . Pretty epic sauce.

Evidently Freedom Ride means everyone in Bend ride by Jade's house for an hour, block traffic, & yell "freedom" or "America, fuck yeah"

One more reason to like Powell's: they have the same organization system that I do. Sausage section right next to whiskey section.

- looks classy.

My first meeting . Late night action in the hotel. Can't quite remember what was actually in the ladle. . .

with coffee in a bottle. Delicious! Now my refrigerator will be stocked with coffee and beer (breakfast and dinner).

Thank you Cosmopolitan for giving me horrible advice and putting the words "penis genius" in print.

Nails did! Would gave totally gone with Green Lantern nails if Ryan Reynolds wasn't such a douchebag.

First batch of house-infused sage and juniper vermouths. . .

Happy to find that the maple bacon bar has found it way over the mountains and into Bend.

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