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Ew obvs I've never been on twitter after dark.. #sogross #lessonlearned

It's ridic how I have more photos of #mel than anything else on my phone smh

Just ate a sandwich and realized there was no meat in it wtf?? #vegetarian #honestmistake

Don't let this girl take your blood pressure #scared #nurse

Oh Prince Harry #scandalous

The gorgeous is attending class with me this morning

Oreo v WhoNu? Which is which ahaha

omgash I love thanks for the signed autograph! This is waiting for me at home guys!! xxo

I miss so much! #blah

oh hayyyy

Finding all these in my "do not take to college" pile #butreally

hahah look at how cute you were

Pride and joy of Texas! #bigredcake

What does and have in common? How about and Melissa Ponzio #scoop #nowwatching

is this you?! #dropdeaddiva

Hello #lochte you're gorgeous. #usa

Freaking aaaa

I'm reading this in the nail salon and thought you might like this ha!!

my recommendations for today from #amazon haha

Salem OR? Whaaaat