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Mornings on Z in Baltimore. Middays in Milwaukee. Afternoons in Louisville. Nights in Boston. Frequent Flyer.

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I still get that excited radio fan feeling when I see this on my car stereo. #CrankedInMyMINI

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Such a bummer. He was a great man and his place will definitely be missed too.

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My father-in-law got me this AWESOME present!!!

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If I'm extra giggly in 20 minutes, I'll know why...

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My cat is planking on my shirt. Yup, that's his Cobra Starship necklace.

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So proud of my parallel parking job. Only in the MINI!!

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Wow! Lilly's spelling is really coming along...

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Underwear for your hands. Greatest invention ever??? So useful.

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Even my iPhone thinks it's too hot outside.

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Our ghetto fabulous rooftop waterpark. And they serve wine too?? Badass.

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Donna Jean decorating the studio for Christmas In July. She rules. I'm off to do a pavement angel now!!

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Damn... that feels cool.

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Here they are! The Jackson Blue Signature cupcakes!! Which should it be??

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Congrats to Beth from Denton! She just won Z's ride at Apple Ford!!

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My Fathers Day card from Lilly. She dictated to Kristin what to write. :)

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Ohhhh snap!!! Look at tha.... wait... we're only supposed to post if it's 00:00?? Dammit!!

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Kristin couldn't understand why there was no cork in the bottle. Know why??

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Mmmmm... Jackson Blue Smurf cupcake??? Yup, I'm a vein mother shhhh.... :)

Hold on!!! Just found the wrapper above the keyboard too. Stay tuned for more breaking developments as they come.