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When the #Lakers regain their rightful spot at the top of the Pacific Division, this GIF will be reposted.

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Before scrubs it's Arctic Ready site, I want to preserve one of my favorite images.

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Kobe with the #Heisenberg Hat to compliment his Olympic goatee. #BreakingBad #TeamUSA

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Great job, #Royals! Jonathan Sanchez was totally worth it. #Melky #ASG

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It's not that serious, #Boston. Ray Allen only won one championship with the C's. (via )

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Tweet From The Future: RT : Thank you #basedgod! #LeBron ()

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Ohio stlll hatin'... #LeBron

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Damn you David Stern!!! *fistwags*

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Wikipedia retired Canibus.

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Sunday nights should always end on a rooftop during the Mid-Atlantic Spring. #beautiful

I'm no fashion critic, but I know that wearing a belt should cancel out suspenders. #TryingTooHard

My tax preparer is hiding his FUPA.

People pay $1400/mo for the right to live with tenants who do this on the reg.

The #SkylarThirst is back. #ndwbball

"Browbeaten" - #Unibrow #ukbball #AnthonyDavis

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Here's proof of the Caucasian male with cornrows...

Here's proof of the FUBU shoes...

In-N-Out Boy disapproves of the #ShakeShack shake.

In-N-Out Boy approves the #ShakeShack burger.