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amateur young freelance artist 'still in school' my passion is drawing big dream of mine is becouming an animator still have some way's to go :)

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my character: jack hunt...hope yer like it matey 'yar' :3 #TLaPD #AQW

  • 292 days ago via site
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this is a drawing i dit of a drawing you dit :D i needed to do somthing chalanging for school in got a 7,5/10 but what do you think :) ? i want to know you,'re oppinion

  • 383 days ago via site
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a friend of me asked if i can draw her a personal creapy pasta to see if she can figure out what kind of person i am well .... can you gues get annything out of this :p ?

  • 447 days ago via site
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yaarrr :P happy bday

  • 527 days ago via site
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this secret tempel was found buy an adventurer now you can buy it and exsplode you might find hidden treasure... but why does it look like a turtle ?

  • 529 days ago via site
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this was the icon whe needet to make our plushy from ^.^

  • 536 days ago via site
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look what i made in school :D my intire class r making these plushe hand dols for litle children i m proud of what i made what do you think ?

  • 536 days ago via site
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somthing new i m working on (not flash)

  • 541 days ago via site
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:D this is a pencil drawing i did in school and its my first A!!!!!!!!! i m proud

  • 541 days ago via site
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i got this as a new year's present i only got it 2 day's and i already learnd of it. thanks :D

  • 550 days ago via site
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this is the first time i drew a manga (girl) face , maybe you Guy's have somme tips ?

  • 550 days ago via site
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somme how i think this might look like car i saw it outside my artacanemie and a lot of the students where fasinated :D

  • 550 days ago via site
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i found this in a car a while back i tought you might like what it say's ^.^

  • 550 days ago via site
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the wiki cant say anything about this helmet ... is this helmet in the shop ? or will it in the black Friday shop ?

  • 585 days ago via site
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probeer deze skin voor mc try this mc skin its not done yet

  • 645 days ago via site
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previeuw :D still made in sumo paint ^-^

  • 655 days ago via site
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this is it from a closer look the thing in the midle of the guitar was suppose to be the sonic crew driver and the head i tryd to make it like a head of a robot guy for the seeries (forgot the name)

  • 662 days ago via site
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this was kinda my idea for the crono/doctor who temed pirate guitar :c oldo i dont know realy mutch about doctor who i adleast tryd :) hope you like it ?

  • 662 days ago via site
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i was willing to draw a guitar to give a litle help to but what i wanted dident realy work but this was sommewhat my idea for the blazing navel guitar XD

  • 663 days ago via site
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jack hunt finished :D (coloring sumopaint) i will re color/redo jack hunt if i have photoshop/flashplayer) i hope you like :D

  • 674 days ago via site
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