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Interesting and deep article on from 9th grade.

Seth gets the ladies.

Special shoutout to

My essay. Proof of #senioritis


What I found while cleaning up Stillman Heights for the kids moving in because of the tornado #irony

Service Opportunites. Please take a look #Tuscaloosa

whoops didn't mean to get your hopes up it's just a 2003 Discovery. Not a big deal.

Fuel efficient? Well it's more efficient than a tank.

Oh so now you want to be my friend?

Here's her real thoughts....

Possible list of my top 25 movies. Haven't thought them through 100% so no hating for now!

So I was playing guitar by myself and my case was open. A little girl comes by and puts this in.

Super hammock #sb11mistakeswillbemade

So I feel another McBride paper coming tomorrow.

No Biebs!

Oxford burger

Check out this Friend Request.

Christmas boxers. Never out of season.