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"Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap was a song on Jeff Robbin had On iTunes in his last Apple keynote address.

Hmm. I used to be able to post multiple pictures on the app. Can't do it right now.

Cool! Looks like you had fun in Chicago. If you make it to Denver you can see the only Capital made of gold

Hmm. I feel like I've been here before, but in another state.

Meeting on Western And Hollywood.

Colorado's securitzing solar energy so LA can bulldoze this power plant. Then there's money 4 CO projects. :-)

Looks a lot like a StreetView Car. Saw one last week. :-)

Cool. An astronomer in the area said clouds in LA made it safe 2 view w/o glasses Bad pic :-/

Solar Eclipse in LA

4 free songs this week This is a great way to promote apps, TV Pilots, music and more..!

Here's a Street View Car

Yeah! How's your workout coming along? I lost 5lbs. Also, what do you think of Coda Electric Cars?


The Verizon guy who was changing the tank of nitrogen confirmed this.

Talked to Larry The Verizon Guy, apparently there's paper-insulated copper in the ground, kept dry w compressed air

But don't forget- ANA is across the street from the Toyota Quality Research Center. :-D

I'm still real glad we met at CES! Now, what can we do about those bandwidth caps? How do we fix that?

that won't happen, it's best you MEET current mayor first. Want his office staff's number?

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