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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring - M.M ♥

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aww look! lol bring her back!

Ur a fuckin idiot of u really tried to put coins in here.

Meet long lost cousins tonight!

Late night beach trip with my cuzzos

My job is so pretty...but when no1's here it sucks -___- #FML #slowDay

I gave into the madness....let's see what its about....#FiftyShadesOfGrey

This picture wit & still has me laughing! #classic

One of my co workers got this as a tip...I would have been PISSED....ARE U FUCKIN SERIOUS??? Smh. #YOLO ain't shit!


U mean to tell me ALL these YRS Ive been cooking my Cup-O-Noodles in the microwave..I really WASNT supposed to do that?

Wish i coulda been here tonight!!!

The Most Interesting Man In The World...#DosEquis ....lmao he looks so creepy chillin over the booth tho.

Ummmm...i actually like this.

See I still have ur artwork from 9th grade!! Lmao......#bff.

shawty wanna twitpic

Hmm maybe i do need to make my hair lighter...

Everyone hates MB...but boyy post a fly ass pic like this and everybody SO DAMN PROUD to be from Myrtle!!

Hahaha instantly thought of & ....