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Dat big I had to take pictures. #omnomnom

An example of a Y.O.L.O. Kid...please go to school!

a perfect example of your problem #1stworldproblem hahaha :p

Then I saw "Sabrina" 1954, and love has never been this sugarcoated #AudreyHepburn

Swear! Pangarap ko to :))

Dahil mahal ko kayong dalawa...

I'm touched...Nice people do exist.

New candy craze #mr.yema

maghihingalo ka na dito uh huh hahahha

o ano buhay pa?

palag? Hahaha

Know it, Love it.

Ganto ba yun? chos! hahaha

Will be posted in blogger soon! Go D.I.Y. !!!

one more, just like robin hood shooting an arrow on the arrow that's already on the target...aww yeah!

my favorite quote in the movie...sakto ba? Hahaha

Naalala ko nung nakwento ko sayo yung napanaginipan kong shoes eto yun naalala k s DM's ni

at panghuli the new #gangnamstyle killed the Doug! Hahaha

It's nice to have a daily dose of for me it's hourly #alwaysakid

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