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Enjoyed taking pix with everyone awhile ago! Especially the babies!!! ☺ although the inevitable did happen...

Saw this & now searching for recipes! Sarap mag-browse when u got 's family-sized connection from myDSL

He got out the car, tried to argue, then got back in his car and drove off! :s Haaaay... :s u know u were fast, sir.

He was driving fast enough to have driven a couple of meters pa before realizing he hit me.

Hey sir, you skimmed the left side of my van. I saw what happened. You swerved to the right in front of my van #hitnrun

After last sunday's off-road triathlon, i got another medal to add to my collection :) good job, bebe!:)

Having fun just sitting on the steps of sm makati enjoying my Dizon egg sandwich and mango float :D Ayus! :p

It's not as sweet but can taste just as good with your fave soy milk :)

Here's a healthier alternative to our much enjoyed rice krispies/bubbles :)

Nifty packaging! :) encourages the reuse of the box and tells you exactly how :) #CaptainPlanet :p

now i know why you're a health buff :p

Thanks for adding us to the Bioessence family :) and yes, this is a self-congratulatory tweet :p

enjoying having vinegar with my fish n chips! :p it is better than tartar!!!

So somebody thought it was a Sunday, also meaning pig out day, n decided to bring me to a diner :p

Killer! Look at that! 8 small pieces of this chocolate n just like that u take in 50% of the RDI of saturated fat! :s

Which of the 2 colors should I get on my nails? The black cherry or red? :)

Oooooh yeeeeah! Love my Bulla ice cream sandwich! :) glad Dipping' Dots have Aussie ice cream :) it's like I'm home :)

Okay... You love me :D thank you for crossing studios just to give me my brekky bebe :)

ang pretty at pogi namaaaan! Love it, Pau! Not used to you so dressed up! :p ang ganda at sexaaaay! :p

Ooooh yes! :)

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