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Video shoot... Stokeddddd!

New LTD deluxe H-1001! Stokeddddd :D thanks Mark at ESP!

Krysta's latest masterpiece on the iwabo dry erase board...

Grillin out at the iwabo house... Eli Cash is lookin good!!!

Damn these are some bright and awesome stickers!

Ed Hardy beer. I'm going to fucking kill myself. When will it end...

Snow in the south?? What in the fuck. Our dog is pissed.

Good ol' Greensboro!! First thing we see here at a gas station... Stoked for the video shoot!!

And who could forget Cussin Bobs delicious nuts!

Nice 17 hour drive for the video shoot! First gas station we go to has shit stained whitey tighties in the trash

Any time is a good time... for Beer 30!

Mikey just got an amazing new tattoo...

Jello shot pizza!!

John from Of Machines 21st birthday was a success!

Nick in michigan has the best iwabo tat ever!!!!

We have the most badass dog ever.

Also I think my back is infected and my sholder is broken....

Show tonight was sold out!! Massachusetts fucking rules!!

Just went to the mall... Apparently Hot Topic is now selling our sexy PICTURE DISC vinyl!! Limited as fuck and cooooolll!

Inverted crucifix of iwabo stickers... Trying to fit in here in good ol satanic metal as fuck Germany!!! Show tonight was awesome...

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