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The #bass player's lament...

OK, this is officially the best "promoted tweet" of all time.

I dunno about you, but I'm psyched for the #Olympics & sharing my expertise regarding sports I don't follow!

It's gonna be a hot day. Ice cream eating motherf*cker, that's what you are. #MinorTreat

For those who seem to love taking pictures of #Buffalo's grain elevators over and over...

It's a trap!

A tie that "means business"? Try this. No one means business quite like Harland Sanders.

Curious why Myers gets 3 games for hits Lucic throws every night? Shanny's secret flowchart explains all. #Sabres

I knew I'd seen Mike Weber somewhere before. #Sabres

You might want to find a CSS "superstar" first. :)

The #Vancouver #Cannucks just traded for Oggie Oglethorpe's evil-er twin, Zack Kassian. #TheLegendOfZackKassian

Oh , you know me so well. I am definitely very "influential in unicorns" indeed.

By now, everyone should be familiar with the project triangle...

Ever wonder what Rick Astley's giving up for #Lent?

It appears that silence is really #AWESOME! - cc:

I'm pretty sure this guy is doing PR for #SusanGKomen. cc:

The gem of 2012 election = Vermin Supreme, aka the #TF2 Pyro. #VerminSupreme2012

Gragnani, the Santa of the #Buffalo #Sabres.

Zack Oglethorpe Kassian FTW. #Sabres (via )