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I am 2 yrs old & 1 of 7 kittehs. My mom rescues strays & fosters kittens. My best friend is @Wiley_cat & my girlfriend is @Lydia_kitteh. Proud member of #wlf.

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ok here's the babiest of the babies. One of those who wants to be held a lot.

LUV! The dress,the shoes,the hair. Going to copy your hairstyle tomorrow :D

So exhausting being this cute

Being "named" makes me tired!

mom cut back plants 2day so we got2 have a NIP party! I'm STILL recoverin'!

Cutting back plants for fall. Catnip party

Hard to make the bed when *certain cats* have to sleep all day

Peanuts wondering too. He's keeping a close eye on dinner (as usual)

my blue eyed twitter cat(Dean)is confused.he's called snowball&polar bear2

we like Milo&Shiloh. But keep coming back to Snow -something. Or Sugar Pie!

we have a new foster kitten but he needs a name!?

where is everycats mommy? We have a new foster to catsit

us with kelly Osborne cover.. I'm sure she's depressed but worry about the kids.

Babies finally resting. 2 speeds: high & off.

Now what's Peanut mad about? dinner being late?A little displaced,ya think?

are you a..they say,"moggie"? Oooh I've never heard a british meow b4!

my kittens have been tweeting with again.

forgot her picture!!

pls explain what ppl call "flat cats" is it the same as dead horse pose? =hot day