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my gramsgrams is adorable from all angles <3 #laughingandreminiscing

treat yo' self;

my hair decided to be my messy friend today.

Smh he's trying to piss me off >.> #bestfriend #thisbitch

Success & free crossants

Raspberry Mocha boba from #soogood

Netflix & starbucks ice cream #whaddup

haai im good :) what's up? & look at what i had yesterday :p con salsa de chocolate!


Rien c'est déjà beaucoup, on se souvient de rien et puisqu'on oublie tout rien c'est bien mieux #canyoutellimtiredaf

Rien c'est déjà beaucoup on se souvient de rien,et puisqu'on oublie tout rien c'est bien mieux #cantellimtiredaf

Saw the conjuring with today and got that starbucks drank;;


Despicable Me 2 & Ice Cream #themonlinemoviesw00tw00t

I got TWO bags of the best sour worms eveeer<3 #daymade #somuchsourgoodness

Yay for strawberries #makingasauce

These are the greatest sour gummy worms eeveeer. #thebest #idontusuallysaysomethingisthebest #sincemiddleschool

Im so full D:

My shorts tan and tan in general fucking sucks -.-' am i the only latina that doesn't tan right? xD