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6 Ft. Tall Bender from Futurama made out of #Legos complete with booze filled belly! #picture

An upside down truck that drives! Kool ass #picture

Lmao a #pic of #Facebook #after #dark "I'm tired of poking, Spank Me!" Oh Ya!

Binge watching Orange is the New Black #season2

I love the #perfect #pancake pan! It also makes the best over medium (non greasy) eggs I've ever had! #pic

We all have over sized T-Shirts, here's a cute alternative to wear it as a long shirt or short dress. #pic

Clean waffle iron with 2 moist paper towels, turn off & let steam do the rest. Wipe clean with dry towel. #pic

This Perfect Pancake pan makes awesome pancakes & the best non greasy over medium eggs I've ever had! #pic

My Dragons Breath #chili #recipe use more Cayenne if you can't find ground ghost pepper. #pic

Multiple scarf hanger. Non slip & non wrinkling only $5 @ Amazon! #pic

Bonsai plant with 2 species of Ficus grafted onto a Ginseng root ball & Elephant Foot Palms. #from #IKEA #picture

Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates & Angela Bassett all on 1 show! American Horror Story Coven is awesome! Pic:

Cute animal Pic:

Over Sized T-Shirt turned into a dress. Too cool! Step by Step Pic:

Large Reflexology Chart, pinpoints the areas under your feet to massage that affect your body. Pic:

10 household uses for Ziploc Bags and Chalk Pic:

Will' O The Wisp kool pic of a woman made of sticks:

Funny Facebook User Warning Sign:

I hear there's a new app called sense of humor, download it bitch. Funny pic:

A #shame picture of my Convict in time out in an incubator tank. I don't think he's "shamed" lol