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So sophisticated, yet so reckless. Living Fast, Driving Faster. MMG Pri...TempleMade. Do what you want & want what you do... ❤ Creep Retirement effective 4/29

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I just start bustin out laughin at work. You sir, are fool and ruined this song for me.

#imnotperfect #np #myishhhh



#LMBG RT : FOH Prish With That Wholesome Shit

Bout that life lol

Our love doesn't require a thing. It's easy & beautiful. Its unconditional. Her hugs make my heart melt #MyPrincess

Lol I feel like I was bamboozled. I'm not payin up. #WeAintShakeOnIt

If you're looking for a job

We all took tequila shots...and then this happened

Lolol #cc

This combo may result in the loss of brain cells. Lol I have to go read a book.

I'm not stingy. Lol *shares wealth* thank me later.

I ain't wit that drama, you can meet my llama

I love when people call me MMG Pri. I didn't think it would stick but I love that it did

Google's homepage today

Happy Birthday !!!!! I love you!!! ❤

Lol everybody knows me and stay at Fridays. It was only right to get the app