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Trying to make sense of iterative aspects in our lifes! iteration: ..a means of obtaining successively closer approximations to the solution of a problem

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nailed it down again in 1 slide: The stakeholders of (d)Design #DT #ServiceDesign #TUDelft

"Design for Growth" author Jeanne Liedtka talking abt #DT as a process from management angle #cadmc1

Some nice books arrived today. Food for thought for the summer vacation ;) cc

BMW is offering multiple Brand Experiences ... "Freude am Segeln"

Celebrity afternoon here at #EU15 #DMIFeed conference: Now and before Marty Neumeier > Designful Company

Gr8! Now finally on stage at #EU15: at #DMIFeed Design Management conference:

You're almost at it! ;)) I'm enjoying #EU15 conference in Amsterdam with these days.

Start of Summer Semester term at our D-School here in Münster, Germany #msd:

Arne waiting for his turn to share his feedback with the rest of the #xtreat conference crowd:

"The Attentive Listener". A Hustwit-Style movie on empathy with on site takes feat. at #xtreat

is sipping a White Russian while slowly fading out ... ;)

Now we've had to reassemble the whole csrd deck back from horizontal to vertical at #xtreat conference groupwork

Group ideation at #xtreat conference

Well, we all live from that: bridgeing artificial cheese, detergents and mobile phones in relation to trust & DT #xtreat

Now on stage at #xtreat: Fred Collopy from Case Western University presenting DT from an integretive view

Ulrich Weinberg from Design Thinking School Potsdam talking at #treat about the roots of d.school & #designthinking

The #xtreat conference neighbourhood near the former Berlin Wall

Erik on stage at #xtreat explaining the Design Thinking mandala

Since esoteric principles will be the the metaphor 4 next week's #xtreat here's the according mantra principle ;)

Even though the takes are incredible ... no way! I love my new "F2 Silberpfeil" alpine race board!