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Intergalactic terrorist bent on planetary decimation. Enjoys gardening, drinking tea and anything with refined shoogars.

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For all my UK English speakers out there. Enjoy.

Fucking ASHO!

Found a cyberman at Kennedy Space Center. #DoctorWhat?

They're selling this cool ring at Target of a cat humping your finger!

I lied. This is the last one. Look at those flowers!

Last one: you can see for miles.

Gorgeous blooms.

Spring is beautiful out here in the wastelands, too.

here is an older picture. My hair is too crazy today. Trying to grow hair to my hip.


A sick coyote in my neighbourhood. Fish & Game and Animal Control are closed Sunday. Poor guy.

Those zombies up front are gathered around Tippi

Found something that made me think of

My Ewok Poopdog. #ugly #<3

Practicing with a bear skull! #arts

Going to see Glen or Glenda?! At IN DRAG! With Stephen (alsoIN DRAG!)

Just add 5 goat brains!

Poopdog stands vigilant as I troop through my fever. He brought me a toy, too.