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Amazing cat photobomb. You've seen Grumpy Cat: meet Razzle, Stupid Cat.

I'm watching a band. . LIVE. See? I'm still young. SEE. #stillyoung #blkswn

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it. /cc

. is being a real dick about Duke Barkles. He keeps pretending to have found him. #puppy #dukebarkles

Thinking of painting a white band around Boris's neck

I fought the lawn. #irishmarket #easilyamused

€2: PET THING. #irishshop

Yet again, has rescued an horrendous day: this time with Make Your Own Biscotti. My hero.

Ladies and gentlemen: my wonderfully nutritious, extortionately expensive BBC canteen sandwich.

Bit glum tonight, so I made some Cornish Havva cake, inspired by .

Something appalling has happened to the BBC Ringmain.

Best night out ever with Birthday and co. - crazy dancing, great drinks, ruining shirts, you name it.

You're at #sxsw? I just lost my grey teddy bear. Devastated. Pls help me find him. Going home tomorrow.

Just got a photo of Bobo bear with a very patient . He said has serious issues #sxsw2013

Boris says thank you for the box #kitten #box


Guess what. I, Helen Nina Elizabeth Purves, have been bought ROSES. RED ONES. By in fact.

Free stuff. They were giving Ikea pots away in the city centre and lovely bagged one for me. Yay

Either this BBC News reporter has been wearing sunglasses, or she has a very interesting skin condition.