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Where does "dubstep vol. 2" deserve to share a shelf with innovative artists as Chick Corea, Miles Davis & Dr. John?

Vodafone's 3G mobile data service continues to be pretty useless.

Very sorry to learn of the death of Dennis Ritchie; "The C Programming Language" - 1978(!) was my much-used degree text

EX3 with Chromaflex CSO ring and prompter - one of several for Arsenal.

When the term ENG didn't imply PSC!

Six tweets, 18k followers! #superinjunctions

They should pay you to play Farmville - or at least make getting the EU subsidies easier!

Darn - they should pay you to pay Farmville.

"Nothing more permanent than a temporary install..."

Any other tech firms named after war movies?

I so wanted to put a 1 and a 2...

Test Card F on an HD LCD monitor - not quite right? Dave Skeggs at the root6 workshop.

Test Card F on an HD LCD monitor - not quite right somehow? At the root) workshop.

At the moment surely a PS3 is worthless!

Who spends a couple of grand with a TV shopping channel? They claim they've sold three in the time I've been watching.

How is it possible to have live-traffic on a sub-£100 GPS receiver? How is a sub-£100 GPS possible?!

Such a large place - surely for homeopathic effectiveness they should have a much smaller hospital (or demolish it!)