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Congrats, ballerina. Pascha was about to steal our hearts, so we gave her the ISM Art Prize instead. Just in time!

  • 1116 days ago via site
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You know that aching, bottomless feeling you get sometimes, when something is so beautiful you just can't breathe?

  • 1117 days ago via site
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Claire R never goes without the tools of her trade. Does she bring a paintbrush to the bath, too? Find out

  • 1130 days ago via site
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Baileigh knows that implication is where it's at. Let your imagination do the rest. dot com

  • 1143 days ago via site
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Congrats to Allie_O & her infinitely beautiful reflections for winning this February's ISM Art Prize!

  • 1145 days ago via site
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We don't need to tell fortunes to know that the rest of Dame Sar's folio is absolutely gorgeous. 'Divination'

  • 1150 days ago via site
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Pia's bubble has long since popped - but her camera skills make sure this moment will last. Good thing for us

  • 1154 days ago via site
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Kicking 2012 off right, Lillit takes the Jan Art Prize with her film stills - rosy imagery that lingers on and on.

  • 1175 days ago via site
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Good thing Lola_V came up for air, reminding us to take a breath too. We always forget to when Lola_V's around...

  • 1181 days ago via site
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Kick up your heels, Chica! Not sure whether to keep snapping or start dancing? We recommend a combination of both.

  • 1181 days ago via site
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Good thing tweets are quick. We're off for a tumble in the grass ala Ellena - come join us !

  • 1202 days ago via site
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Zorga rests between dances, shot through a cloud of rose-colored tulle. Dynamism

  • 1206 days ago via site
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Which is sweeter, S.H.M or a cupcake? Click the link to solve the question - HINT: it's not the cupcake. http://www.littleurl.net/090aa1

  • 1209 days ago via site
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Airplanes are boring, even on exciting holidays. Taz makes her airspace just as exciting as her destination

  • 1228 days ago via site
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When you're as creative as Immie, the imaginative possibilities are endless. See her take on the fusion of (wo)man and machine, over .

  • 1234 days ago via site
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Joya had everything she needed for superfly superstardom, except the rabid fans and the stacks of cash. Now she's got both, and this month's Art Prize too. Make it rain - Joya @ ISM

  • 1237 days ago via site
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Snow Pea loves the sound of marbles on a hardwood floor. You can't get the audio, but the visual is all her

  • 1244 days ago via site
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Some ppl may see a topless girl in this pic, but Chica just sees herself. More to life than inhibitions...

  • 1256 days ago via site
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It only takes 1 warm light to transform GracieLynn into a dreamy, otherworldy version of herself. Have you tried it yet?

  • 1258 days ago via site
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Congrats to Ruby R, October’s art prize winner, for inciting us to a fanatical frenzy with folio, Blood Lust.

  • 1269 days ago via site
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