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ok well seeing it again maybe I'll save it. But come get it! Lol

She Scares Me.

#BellsandWhistles !!

Yup. RT : I see BOOTY!! RT Girls who fill out 1 piece pant suits >>>

Crack is Whack. That is all.

Smmmmmmoooch! #hennyblack nights

Last Nights Makeup. 6am Stiletto Mornings. The Italians joked that she was Lady Gaga. its too damn early.

that? I didn't but it looked good!

(via Haute Living Mag) RT : FYI MONEY COMES AND GOES HISTORY STAY 4 EVER !!!!!!!!!! RT

Shout out to NIGEL on the #hennyblack shout last night. Yeaaaahhhh! RT : That Black is hittin right now.

$20 RT : Yoooo ain't

Someone please get Pappy and Uncle Boosie ... I don't care if they are exercising. Jeezums.

#hennyblack ;) RT : Send over a photo of what you see right now.

Jus peeped Praying for a Perfect Season w ... Airs next week on HBO - Pretty dope look at HS ball, St Patricks vs St Anthony NJ


Get Here! RT : BK all day (today): . Yo hurry up, bruh!

Lace on Lace On Lace...

Lord forgive, They know not what they do.... (I'm sorry but I had to...)