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Bellevue Sunset

- get these...

Kids handy work

Some moment define who you become, but not WHO you truly are....



3 stars on all levels of Halloween version


May not look like it, but this chair at my parents house is SUPER comfy

Dads beer is as tall as the fridge


Thank you for being open on Thanksgiving.

Even in #snOMG


I have all four burners going

Scrambled eggs
Sausage gravy
Large sausages for hotdog buns


228th in Bothell...it's fine

Birds are pissed at me...

Looks like it's snowing hard in Bellevue

More snow

Oh Crud...it snowed and is still snowing

May not be going over the river and through the woods tonight. :(

- a Christmas story

"electric sex in the window"


Large flatbed blocking left lane on 8th street in Bellevue

Dear Seattle -


From, bellevue