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Employed by Intel but tweeting my own thoughts. You might enjoy them, but then again you might not. No offense, just my brain on-line.

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Have you been to the planetarium at ? Pretty awesome & free! #science #space

The evolution of & 's Don Johanson. #paleoanthropology

Robin Dunbar presenting his research & "Dunbar's Number." Social network size for humans is max 150. Attn: Facebook!!

Lucy gets a 2nd shout out at Symposium from prof Kaye Reed

Lucy gets a shout out from Michael Ruse at Symposium. So does #evolution

Institute of Humans Origins symposium at kicking off. Amazing list of speakers! http://iho.asu.edu/symposium_2012

Don Johanson: "The road to the future is paved with construction."

ASU's Don Johanson: "Study things where you don't know the answer."

Absolutely griping & amazing life story of Don Johanson & his discovery of Lucy from Ethiopia.

From Cleveland to Berkeley to in Tempe, the is an amazing place. #Anthropology

It's an absolutely fabulous night for the IHO gala event. Support !!!

Laura Roskind shares some event details at annual gala event.

director William Kimbel starts off the IHO Gala evening at the Phoenix Zoo.

Shout-out to president at IHO Gala event. Wish you were here IRL! #paleoanthropology

A quick pic of a morning blossom: #spring

This saguaro cactus decided to keep its beautiful blossoms open a few extra hours in celebration of #EarthDay

The blossoms of blooming cactii are as beautiful as any flowering plant. #EarthDay #DesertBloom

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard are out for a swim to celebrate #EarthDay

The desert puts on a tremendously colorful #EarthDay display. Count the colors in this pic. How many do u c?

Get outdoors and take in some nature on #EarthDay. Beautiful!