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Spending lunch in traction because I can't turn my head today. Sort of a job perk.

Cleaning out therapy storage and found these bad boys. Crocheted wheelchair gloves from '92!

Commence Nomz!

"It's bear season, y'all."- my pregnant coworker

Somber evening with the coworkers tonight. Everyone's still mostly in shock. Was really impressed by all the high school athletes showing up- packed out the house with love tonight.

PopBooth for iPhone

Mr. Funk's shirt FTW (I like these people) #JAYNE #whedonverse

Too much time on my hands +Japan photo apps

Has anyone ever notice that kind of looks like Deanna Troi sometimes! #sttng

I can't even handle how gorgeous the sky is right now.

Showered and back in my pj's to lounge in this comfy Sherpa blanket I got for Christmas <3 thank you, Lowells!

Our server from Calypso tonight was so epic I had to sketch him and show you. I only wish the moustache were more 3-dimensional...

Sometimes I lie in bed and watch the sunrise. Orange and purple today; it's been a while.

Mermaid hair.

The tiniest baby I've held in a while! Here's Liz with Elle Olivia!

Flowers delivered from my Momma! I nearly cried. For those of you familiar with my mom's situation, this is a big deal.

We have one standard birthday ensemble at Chapel Hill...

EPIC. Panda dogs, I will own you.

Nerdy gingerbread. (build credit: Claudia K.)

Found this in the car as we were packing up... Someone was NOT happy we were leaving!