i draw inhuman. i'm a big nerd and i am usually pleased with myself.

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That'll do, pig.

Innovative uses for unhelpful erasers, #1.

Dear left wing of the angel: you are a nightmare.

Step 4: sketch something nothing like what you wanted. Curse.

Step 3 photograph at desired angle

Hardly photogenic #theplecodelemia

It's a hard drive party over at hekshano industries

Max and Voya, bffs


Voya supervises work on the house.

Chillin with my bro Wagner

I guess she's finally done running around like a lunatic with her tail all puffy.

Days 29 and 30: krebin and zebin, the rakwulf hunters. And I'm done! #30characters

Day 28: Corjel, con's bekir orderly. #30charactets

Day 27: orlaf, a conturian god. #30characters

Day 26: avelin, a rakwulf goddess.#30characters

Day 25: boomer #30characters

Day 24: the six eyed grout. #30characters

Day 23, old st. Prick #30characters

Ren is finally okay with the house. Or at least the studio.

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