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You and me...we're a lot alike...except the fact that you're playing the heroine and me...I'm the villain and I'm fine with that. xoxo gunsANDlipstick

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Party in downtown lala ? Leggo.

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Old but gold babe ..

hello p.ville nice to be reacquainted..

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Thank god I was sipping on a large water last night ...

F a d e d >>>>>

Me and on Saturday night ..#whatagoodnight

This white boy got me fucked

Real nigga meal ..

These the most tired hoes I know damn .. and

I found Robert Pattinson in the math help room .. #yayme

Caught her ass slipping the bathroom though ...o_O wtf brehhh ?!

Hair show make up and hair

First street towers got gold fountains and shit lmfao

Rules of the condo lol

New boyz and lupe's tour bus ...

New boyz went hard lol too bad they look like light in this pic

Before the lupe concert , yu know I never miss an oppritunity to show out ..

Took it like a G lmfao

Catch me rollin in one of these ...

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