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I write columns for The Sunday Times and books for Penguin.

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Hey, Rhoda. You know how you can't get a table at Balthazar, because you're horrible? This is delicious alternative.

Two Gs, actually : (

Oh yes, I meant to say, look!

How can you not see it, blindo? Here.

When tweets juxtapose pleasingly -

& see top left - you are LUNCH.

Very fine, but this remains my fave -

But never been a prob. Today, this literally all day. Maybe I've been hacked, how thrilling for someone.

If you click on 'aggregate bomb census' for the whole of the city, you get this.

Look, last year's in plastic bin -

Race ya.

Ew, creepy lechy-old-man marketing by .

Plus I have cheered myself up through the medium of Nell's accessories. Night!

I can't find A as amazing pumpkin 10 years ago. However:

My sister on last night's Homeland. She's not wrong : (

Look, proof. How weird. Shall I resend?


I don't want this

Not actual keeper, turns out, but it was IN the penguin enclosure.