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That's how you wear a hat. #Nogueira #NBADraft

Coming soon to SyFy.. Brontosaurus vs Avocado!

Transformers 4: The Crane Of Your Existence

Thank you, and Kings Care for the work you do, and for this perfect dvd.

Nails this wk - Barbie pink & gaudy gold, alternate. So posh.

Dredd aka AU Cersei Lannister Out-Badasses Everyone.

Bottle down! Contain the spill! Oh, this isn't gonna be pretty.

Not as bloody as I would've liked, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

One of the only reasons I like Long Beach. #lbc

I forgot Baby Renner was in this. Mmm.

Nap time.

Yep, I totally fit. #FUNWITHCATS

Not a shipping expert, but I think they should've used a bigger box for my order.

Strange interpretation, but 2 hrs of Henry Cavill in tight clothes is never a bad thing.

Kitty Showdown. #boredatwork

Somehow, I've ended up with a severe case of Soccer Mom Hair today. Gonna rock it for a while, see what happens.

Nails this wk - lemon and peach.

So, this was the last thing I saw before I was gonna turn off the lights. Thaaaanks.

6th out of 6! A lot of fun, but not for everyone.. some people walked out. Jay Baruchel love at all-time high.

5th of 6. Figured out the twist early on, but still liked it. Although I did fall asleep for a bit. Oops. One more!