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Sandra Monreal. 97'til. Here with the 411. Forever a Lakers, and Drake fan.

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My moms pretty boss for buying me new lotion :3

Lmfaoooooooo mad ladybug action right here! They makin love again.

So yeah my ladybugs are making loveeee! Hahaha

Lmaooo look what did to the school computer.. Tahahhah

Just a picture of what I saw tonight! Best family bonding ever.

And now its time to color!

Our teams got classsssssss.

#fuckyeah done with printing all my lewis lab shit(: #done with homework

3v5 winnnnnnn

Where has the time gone... #bigkid

Me gustaaaaaaa.

My dog sleeps hella long & snores

Books are all neat and stacked, iMac, DSLR, and Beats neatly placed. I'm happy! Going to go play basketball now at MHS!

Brian just got back w/ starbucks yay!

I like this set up!

Hella creepin, jk!

This bitch I call my fave dog, panda!

Daang my signature is hella boss! (Woops)

Hahaha waffles before bed

All my dog does it sleep while I play LoL. Lazy ass.

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