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ben's starting the render tonight. TED's let us have multiple sponsors on the title card, so i've added BK & LSx

"my wife makes me work" via

here's how you'd do metro on an iPad ;) #windows8 #metro

"…ever wondered what it would be like to use a twitter client with a built-in physics engine" #biologic

which of these ultra-minimalist workspaces is and which is mine?

pakistani politicians would be proud, I'm spending the night stuffing envelopes with phoney money… #TEDxLeeds

i've been outed! "we think it's probably a human (but with bot tendencies)" via #botornot

getting a sneak peak at 's designs for leeds new local currency the "ludos" #tedxleeds

a good non-douchbag design pattern… 'all digital' subscription allows shared access with a family member :)

i have , frank herbert & ian fleming books to give away after upgrading to digital editions…

better than this miserable jerk…

my 8yr old cousin alia wondered about my job (i get that a lot), i convinced her i'm a doctor… think she bought it?

taking "messages" for a spin with #mountainlion

that 's getting about…

so I'm having a nice valentine's lunch with the lady & over her shoulder suddenly i'm picturing a quadropenis…

it's the colours you have… no need to be sad… it really ain't that bad…

"hands? you're bang out of order to blame for even *having* hands"

name your price…

because your shirt crashed my camera…

getting a sneak peek at 2012 style guide for leeds… and my contribution "a city of inventors"