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{ Founder of Carbon Imagineering; LSx Living Lab; writing, curating & scouting emerging technologies & adjacent cultures }

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what're going to block next ? naughty pictures of branson? competitors sites? #netneutrality

the unshaven angst of midnight coders… cc

liking the new webtop flickr uploader…

attending a boarding meeting with in faceplace…

this is the best campaigning idea my local councillor has arrived at… "please display in your window"

hey , why isn't the festival catalogue available for download? it's 2012!

settings for GGD privacy seem to be OK, not sure why its now showing up?

any ideas why time machine (backing up to time capsule) keeps throwing up this error every few weeks?

you're reading to much into this…

thank you superjanet! #TEDxBradford

's new retina-sed iPad app is just gorgeous… good work :)

one for & #friispray

playing with 's delightful "paper" for iPad…

is rebooting…

fix in up the rental house and catching a preview of the summer on the horizon :)

wondering if cheney's heart donor is resting in peace…

a sneak preview of a mini-project and i are working on for #adaptability

a little #newaesthetic in leeds?

getting a sneak preview of 's mobile app for … cc