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Current status:

God, I love these guys. /cc ,

Current entirety-of-this-month status:

Get off that sidewalk, cab. You aren’t a pedestrian. You don’t even have feet.

The furry convention is in town this week, leading to things like this:

I got no fewer than four compliments in three blocks on the new shirt gave me:

Current status, again.

Current fuckin' status:


Sometimes you just need someone to engage in a dental-themed parody of Rack City with you. /cc

This photo of and is basically the best.

Now the owner of a SNES, Genesis, and Jaguar.

Seen on my way to work today. Kinda fucked up.


hey , , , et al. - look what I'm eating for breakfast today.

Got a good picture of Joe Biden at the parade today: he was really close!


Here we have the wild in his natural state: talking about CoreGraphics.

Just ate this. Be jealous.

Breakfast at 21st Street Coffee.