Ashlyn NOT ashley!


Unfamiliar, but still u feel her... In other words: I'm just so imperfectly dope;-)

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Hi David.



Great invitations! And here is one of the takeaways we can use. Tees about Noxy

RT Yes u devil RT : Denying the blessings of the Lord?? RT Thats not urs twitpic ur entire stat screen

Yall just need to to to church. Look at the wonderful things that happened for me today....

Chillllllll RT Nobody fuckin' with me right now in this !!!


RT You cot damn Judas!


Super cold outside too bad yall don't have theseeeeee lol

#ThrowbackThursday with the jersey onnnnn


RT I gotta mute her ain't shit ass. I can't live like this.

Noooooo I ghost wrote with care lol. Definitely CBS....

Struggle downloads:(