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JavaScripter for @bitovi, webmaster for @bronycon; martini slinging, scotch swigging badass extraordinaire.

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Krystal: "Oh, it's a lamp!"
Me: "It's not a lamp, it's a major award!"
Krystal: "Huh?" cc:

Bitch please.

Holiday shopping and I can't help but think of while at See's.

Siri, I love you.

Chick-fil-a closed on Sundays?

So I still have these things here. At least one needs to get to you, the other is for sharing. cc:

But you're all the way over there!

Best reactions to a roller coaster go to and

. at the tail end of Space Mountain. Priceless!

I have one simple rule for flying. You fly: you suit up. Almost to Anaheim!

So I got mail rom . I opened it up and this was in it. I have to hand this off at

How do these look on me?

Come find this face at #bcmke7 to find out what is so awesome about and why you need it for your web app.

maybe! But I am out to dinner with a client and this speaks miles...

Alright, they'd probably kill me for this, but here's a sneak peak of what I got in the mail for next year!

Walking around the neighborhood when I spotted car SHOULD BE driving.

I've waited two years for this moment. Finally framed 's work of art!

I just now noticed this...

He is with the Equestria Inquirer at the end of saying "Good night, an good buck!"

Between shots, and I are being serenaded by #Midwestria