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she also made this #neverforget

First made this then her bf made this match made in heaven smh


These Concorde RT : Fellas.. What did you get from your Lady for Christmas?

Smh this is crazy man

Smh this is crazy man

Smh look at his back

RT : Ppl really give tebow tooo much credit

How does this shit even work?

Nah my little cousin not using this for waves smh

Chris bosh def knows every episode of will and grace by heart

RT : Yeah Will Smith > Denzel too...but I'm
Chillen again

Never forget tho told you drake got that legally blonde swag drake really losing smh

This nigga giving chicks G-Unit bags

Get to see their faces tomorrow :-)

yawns top this

Retweet if they look alike

Retweet if they look alike