Met Darren. He's amazing. He doesn't kiss too bad either.

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Is this new? I'm liking the sheer shirt. It just needs to be wet.

happy valentines day!

happy valentines day!

And this is better.

I laughed way too hard at this.

So pretty

This has been my evening...staring at his face.

Best thing to happen since sliced bread.

Breaking out the Christmas music by one of the greatest performers.

Darren's face is nice, but this...

I have seriously just seen one of the best manips ever made of Darren.

my cat is making the same face

Here's why and's because they're lame.

I swear to Pete. we have crackers here, but no one buys them. Want to know why?

. ok, I'm done! I have some serious stuff I need to do. We will battle out #SayNoToElf another time!

Darren sent me a DM saying he hated elf. So yeah, I won. This is me being smug.

Now back to it ...#SayNoToElf

I believe it's time to change my profile pic. Goodbye awesomely awesome b&w Darren. It's been fun. Maybe I'll change it to this.