Dr Calliope Torres.


Sara Ramirez and Grey's Anatomy is all that matters. I like to read fan-fictions and ugly laugh.

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Asdfghjkl staph.

I just saw this and I laughed so hard! Goodtimes.

#TweetLikeAGirl just woke up #NOFILTER.


What I woke up to this morning. is to be blamed for my raging libido.

I am so done with the internet.

This explains my life perfectly.

*logs out of life*

Party over here woot woot!

Somebody please shoot her. Thanx.

Seeing reply to everyone else and I'm just here like...

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to ..


No math class , yolo.

Why did Quinn and Rachel cover ' I feel pretty:/Unpretty' together?? Pls I'm trying to stay alive thnx

you areee?

You know its a shit place when their sign is falling off ..send help!